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Versatil Markdown is a hypernotebook built around Markdown/CommonMark, with 1Password integration, HTML/CSS support, syntax highlighting, frictionless keyboard flow, smart drag-n-drop insertion, multiple themes, document aliasing, and more.

Searching for…a Markdown editor to keep track of various writings and technical information…working in CommonMark is critical…not to be locked into somebody else’s format…also want some flexibility built-in…to utilize an underlying web framework when needed…critical that the information, painstakingly written, is shown beautifully rendered by default…without always having to “preview”…

We’ve been hard at work — lots of changes have been made to the latest version of Versatil Markdown

  • Multiple “Source” Folders: You can now add any folder of Markdown files, and they will be updated automatically if you edit them from another application
  • “Live” Task Lists: task lists are “live” – click on the checkbox and it will be marked in the source document. Create a list of todos and check them off one by one as they get done, without having to directly edit the document
  • Dark Mode and Multiple Themes: NormalSolarized Dark, and Solarized Light themes for display and editing are provided, or you can create your own customized themes, whether it’s making a small tweak to an existing theme or creating something entirely new. A “Dark Mode” is also provided
  • Touchbar Support
  • Click to Edit: When you’re reading your notes, you can Cmd-click in the document to start editing at the closest paragraph
  • Back/Forward Navigation: It’s now easy to display previous documents you viewed, just like you would in Safari
  • Bootstrap 4: The underlying framework has been upgraded to Bootstrap 4
  • Multiple Rows/Cols: When you want to be able to show your data in multiple columns, it’s now possible with an easy to use syntax
  • QuickLook integration: With the embedded QuickLook plugin, your Markdown documents can now be viewed with QuickLook from the Finder


Download links

GDrive Link Mirror Links

How to install Versatil Markdown v2.1.4 macOS?

1. Download the ZIP file.

2. Extract using 7zip or Winrar with password 123

3. Follow the steps given in Instructions.txt

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