CyberLink ColorDirector 10 Ultra


10 January 2022
200 MB

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CyberLink ColorDirector 10 Ultra helps you to precision Color Grading, Professional Results. Create Cinematic Masterpieces. Discover a World of Visual Effects. Manipulate the lighting to change the aesthetic of your footage. Add realistic lights rays, light leaks and lens flares.

CyberLink ColorDirector 10 Ultra Features

  • Make Your Production Shine
    Sparkle Effect automatically detects a light source in your footage and enhances it with individual, fully customizable and animated sparks of light.
  • Illuminate Your Footage
    Manipulate the lighting to change the aesthetic of your footage. Add realistic lights rays, light leaks and lens flares.
  • Craft Your Own Breathtaking Results
    Create a Hollywood look with professional grading tools. Finesse the details, refine your look and sharpen your focus with superior controls.
  • Smarter Selection, Easier Edits
    Be selective with your edits – even on a moving subject. Get precise control over any object with the power of motion tracking.
  • Turn any Background Into a Green Screen
    Isolate any object in your video and create a customizable green screen to compose spectacular scenes.
  • Craft a Consistent, Professional look
    Harmonize colors throughout your videos without having to worry about lighting or contrast again. Import and export your Look-up Tables (LUTs) and take your color scheme with you.
  • Achieve Dynamic Effects with Keyframes
    Use customizable presets, make keyframe adjustments and control the intensity of each effect.
  • Customize Your Clips
    Create the perfect color effect for a premium cinematic feel. Apply a mask or create multiple color changes within a single clip with keyframes.
  • Instantly Match Your Shots
    Automatically replicate the color style from any reference video. Enhanced color match controls give you the ability to fine-tune your look.
  • Split Tone
    Adjust highlights, mid-tones & shadows to achieve both image balance and style.
  • Color Splash
    Isolate a color and adjust intensity to stylize your footage.
  • Color Shift
    Remap the color in your videos with a full spectrum color wheel.
  • Waveform Scope
    Easily evaluate the light and dark elements in your footage, no matter the quality of your monitor. Achieve accurate results and ensure superior uniformity between shots.
  • Parade Mode
    Quickly inspect the color balance of your shots with the red, green, and blue color channels. Use the graph to guide your adjustments for a seamless color grading experience.
  • 360-Degree Integration
    Import, preview and color grade any 360-degree video footage. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a smoother 360º color grading workflow.


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How to install CyberLink ColorDirector 10 Ultra v10.1.2415.0?

1. Download the ZIP file.

2. Extract using 7zip or Winrar with password 123

3. Follow the steps given in Instructions.txt

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